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2019 Division and Interest Group Awards


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The Careers Division presented five awards this year in the following categories:

  1. The Arnon Reichers Best Student Paper Award is a student paper or a paper from a dissertation within 3 years of degree, preferably single-authored. The winning paper was “High Mobility, a Curse or a Tool: A Multilevel Study of Career Mobility and Performance,” authored by Xin Wen and Lan Wang from University of Science and Technology of China, and Rick Cotton from University of Victoria.
  2. The Best International Paper Award is the paper with the best overall rigor and contribution to research and practice regarding careers played out within an international/cross-cultural context. The winning paper was “Second-Class Citizens or Free Agents? The Experience of Identity Ambiguity among Global Contractors,” authored by Jennifer Gibbs from University of California, Santa Barbara, Julia Eisenberg from Pace University and Dina Nekrassova.
  3. The Michael Driver Best Applied Paper Award is the applied paper with the best overall rigor and likely contribution to careers research and practice. The winning paper was “Noncompetes and Employee Mobility,” authored by Evan Penniman Starr from University of Maryland, College Park, J.J. Prescott and Norman David Bishara from University of Michigan.
  4. The Careers Division Best Overall Paper Award is the paper with the best overall rigor and likely contribution to careers theory, research, and/or practice. The winning paper was “Calling Attention to 20 Years of Research: A Comprehensive Meta-Analysis of Calling, ” authored by Shasa Dobrow Riza and Hannah Weisman from London School of Economics, Daniel Heller from Tel Aviv University and Jennifer Tosti-Kharas from Babson College.
  5. The Best Symposium Award is for the highest-rated symposium presented on the program. The winning symposium is selected based on reviewer ratings and a panel of judges. The winning Symposium was “Reimagining Boundaries in Careers: Alternative Theoretical Perspectives,” organized by Andrew Kozhevnikov from Coventry University, Steve Vincent from Newcastle University Business School and Wolfgang Mayrhofer from Interdisciplinary Institute of Management and Organizational Behavior


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The Mentor Award    
Recognizing extraordinary contributions in the area of mentoring.
Marc Gruber
Best Empirical Paper - Sponsored by Kennesaw State University's Coles College of Business
“Meeting Its Waterloo? Recycling in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems After Anchor Firm Collapse”
Ben Spigel
University of Edinburgh
 Tara Vinodrai
University of Waterloo
Best Family Business Paper - Sponsored by Kennesaw State University's Cox Family Enterprise Center  
“Hakuna Matata! Cross-Regional Differences in the Entrepreneurial Capital of Family Firms”
Nonyelum Lina Eze
ESADE Business School/
Ramon Llull Universitat
Maria Jose Parada
ESADE Business School/
Ramon Llull Universitat
 Georges Samara
American University of Beirut
Best Conceptual Paper - Sponsored by Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice  
“Addressing Entrepreneurship’s False Dichotomization of Risk and Uncertainty through Modal Logics”
David Matthew Townsend
Virginia Tech
Richard Hunt
Virginia Tech
Best Social Entrepreneurship Paper Award - Sponsored by Batten Institute, Darden School
“Institutional Complexity in Social Ventures: Scale Development through Two Studies”
Jiawei Sophia Fu
Rutgers University
Dissertation Awards
Heizer Best Doctoral Dissertation Award - Sponsored by Heizer Capital & the family of Edgar "Ned" Heizer, Jr.
Honors outstanding doctoral research that deals with the founding, management, growth, and development of high potential ventures, with venture capital, or with corporate entrepreneurship.
“Strategy and Entrepreneurship in Nascent Industries”
Cheng Gao
Ross School of Business, University of Michigan
NFIB Best Doctoral Dissertation Award - Sponsored by the National Federation of Independent Businesses
“Start Me Up: On Becoming an Entrepreneur in a Shared Work Space”
Eliana Crosina
Babson College
Foundational Paper Award - Sponsored by the ENT Division's Research Excellence Initiative
Honors a paper that has powerfully changed the conversation in the field of entrepreneurship for at least a decade.
“Discovery and Creation: Alternative Theories of Entrepreneurial Action” (published in Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal in 2007)
Sharon Alvarez
University of Pittsburgh
 Jay Barney
University of Utah
Greif Research Impact Award - Sponsored by the USC Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
Honors the paper receiving the most citations during the five years following its publication.
“Examining the Formation of Human Capital in Entrepreneurship: A Meta-analysis of Entrepreneurship Education Outcomes” (published in Journal of Business Venturing in 2013)
Bruce Martin
University College Dublin
Jeff McNally
University of New Brunswick
Bruce McKay
Wilfrid Laurier University
Practice of Entrepreneurship Award - Sponsored by the Small Giants Community
Honors a paper advancing the practice of entrepreneurship.
"A Portfolio Perspective on Entrepreneurship and Economic Development"
 (published in Small Business Economics in 2015)
Michael H Morris
University of Florida
Xaver Neumeyer
University of North Dakota
Donald F Kuratko
Indiana University
Emerging Scholar Awards - Sponsored by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
Honors a record of scholarship that has the potential to make innovative and impactful contributions to the body of entrepreneurship research.
Sophie Bacq
Indiana University
 Trent Williams
Indiana University
 Eric Zhao
Indiana University
Innovation in Entrepreneurship Pedagogy Award - Sponsored by McGraw-Hill
Honoring innovative teaching practices.
“Creativity, Innovation, and Design”
Derek Lidow
Princeton University


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Gender and Diversity in Organizations (GDO) Celebration of Success

At GDO we have a suite of awards recognising the extraordinary work of our members, and we take great pleasure in awarding these at our Celebration of Success, just prior to the famous GDO Social Extravaganza on the Monday evening of the AoM conference. Keep this in mind for your scheduling for 2020, as it is a highlight of the conference.

Thanks to the goodwill and diligence of our volunteer members who make up the committees for our awards each year, chaired ably by our GDO Executive Committee members and Representatives at large, we are confident our award winners reflect the values of the GDO and we feel proud to showcase their work.  

For this year’s award winning papers at the conference, congratulations to:

  • Seonyoung Hwang, Shainaz Firfiray and Kim Hoque from Warwick Business School who received the Dorothy Harlow Best Conference Paper award for their paper ‘Gender, ethnicity, and emotional responses to daily family interference with work’.
  • Nkosana Mafico (University of Queensland), Anna Krzeminska (Macquarie University) and Charmine Hartel (University of Queensland) for the dual honour of GDO Best Student Conference Paper and the inaugural Best Student Paper for Gender, Diversity and Entrepreneurship for ‘Immigrant social entrepreneurs: Managing organizational tensions with cross-cultural experience
  • Ashley Martin (Stanford University) for the Best Conference Paper Based on a Dissertation for ‘The divergent effects of diversity ideologies for race and gender relations’.
  • The team of Yang Yang (Rowan University), Hao Chen (Tsinghua University), Alison Konrad,(Western University), Orlando Richard, (U. of Texas at Dallas) and Abdul Rahman Beydoun (Beirut Arab University) for the Faculty Transnational Research Paper Award for their paper ‘Embrace merit and inclusion: Creative gains from linking identity conscious to identity blind climate’  
  • Xaver Neumeyer (University of North Carolina at Wilmington) and Susana Santos (Rowan University) for Best Paper for Gender, Diversity and Entrepreneurship forEntrepreneurial team performance: The effects of gender composition  and team dynamics’.

We also recognise our members work beyond the conference. This year’s award winners are:

  • Saroj Parasuraman Award for Outstanding Paper on Gender and Diversity published in 2018:  J. W. Lynch, and J. B. Rodell, for their paper ‘Blend in or stand out? Interpersonal outcomes to managing concealable stigmas at work’. Journal of Applied Psychology, 103, 1307–1323. There were 22 nominations for the award this year, based on work from authors in a variety of countries, and our Committee had a tough time selecting the winner.
  • Scholarly Contributions to Educational Practice Advancing Women in Leadership Award, Sponsored by Simmons School of Management/Center for Gender in Organizations:  Deborah Kolb, Deloitte Ellen Gabriel Professor for Women and Leadership (emerita) at Simmons School of Management.

As one of her nominees noted: ‘Deborah’s outstanding books “Her Place at the Table: A Woman’s Guide to Negotiating Five Key Challenges to Leadership Success” (2004, 2010) and “The Shadow Negotiation: How Women Can Master the Hidden Agendas that Determine Bargaining Success” (2000) have been indispensable sources for women leaders and educators around the world who train them in the gendered intricacies of negotiation. Reflecting the importance of these contributions, Harvard Business Review named “The Shadow Negotiation” one of the 10 Best Business Books of 2000 and the International Association of Conflict Management selected it for its Best Book Award in 2001’.

  • Sage Award for Scholarly Contributions for outstandingcontributions which have greatly advanced the field of gender and diversity in organizations research:  Eden King, Rice University.
  • Janet Chusmir Distinguished Service Award for outstanding contributions to the GDO Division and has served as a mentor and role model to others in the field:  Lisa Nishii, Cornell University.

More photos from our Celebration of Success can be seen at the GDO website.

Alison Sheridan
GDO Chair

Deborah Kolb
Best Student Paper


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Each year the Human Resource Division of the Academy of Management formally recognizes excellence through the bestowal of awards for career achievement, scholarly achievement, international human resource management scholarly achievement, teaching innovation, best dissertation, best convention paper, best student convention paper, and distinguished human resource executive.

  • Herbert Heneman Jr. Career Achievement Award
    WINNER: David E. Guest, King’s College London
  • Thomas A. Mahoney Mentoring Award
    WINNER: Timothy A. Judge, The Ohio State University
  • Distinguished Human Resources Executive Award
    WINNER: Skip Spriggs, President  & CEO of The Executive Leadership Council
  • Innovative Teaching Award
    WINNER: Samantha A. Conroy, Colorado State University
  • Early Career Achievement Award
    WINNER: Brian W. Swider, University of Florida
  • Scholarly Achievement Award
    WINNER: J.R. Keller, Cornell University
    PAPER: "Posting and Slotting: How Hiring Processes Shape the Quality of Hire and Compensation in Internal Labor Markets" Administrative Science Quarterly, 63(4), 848-878.
  • Ralph Alexander Best Dissertation Award
    WINNER: Federica De Stefano, The Wharton School-University of Pennsylvania
  • International HRM Scholarly Research Award
    • Sabrina Volpone, University of Colorado, Boulder
    • Dennis Marquardt, Abilene Christian University
    • Wendy Casper, University of Texas at Arlington
    • Derek Avery, Wake Forest University
      PAPER: "Minimizing Cross-cultural Maladaptation: How Minority Status Facilitates Change in International Acculturation" Journal of Applied Psychology, 103(3), 249-269.
  • Best Convention Paper Award
    • Felice Klein, Boise State University
    • Ryan Hammond, Pure Storage
    • Aaron Hill, University of Florida
    • Ryan Stice-Lusvardi, Stanford University
      PAPER: "The Road to Inequity is Paved with Good Intentions: Examining the Gender Pay Gap in Equity Awards"
  • Best Student Convention Paper Award
    WINNER: Hyesoo Chung, Cornell University
    PAPER: "The Importance of Temporal Dimension in Workforce Management: Turnover-hiring Synchronization"
  • SHRM Foundation Dissertation Grant Award           
    • Nitya Chawla, University of Arizona
    • Yu, Yu, Tsinghua University
    • Shoshana Schwartz, University of Pennsylvania
    • Xing Liu, University of South Carolina

  • Emerging Scholar in Employee Participation and Ownership Award
    WINNER: Kyoung Yong Kim, University of Hong Kong
  • Dave P. Lepak Service Award
    WINNER: Jenna R. Pieper, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
HR-1 HR-2
Skipp Spriggs talks about the work he does with black CEOs, board directors, and senior executives for Fortune 1000 organizations. Dr. Brian Swider (left) accepts the Early Career Achievement Award sponsored by Center for Human Resource Management at Texas A&M University Mays Business School from the sponsor representative Dr. Wendy Boswell (right).
HR-3 HR-4
Dr. J. R. Keller (left) accepts the Scholarly Achievement Award sponsored by Riegel & Emory Human Resource Center at the University of South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business from the sponsor representative Dr. Sherry Thatcher (Right)  Drs. Derek Avery (Left 1), Wendy Casper (Left 2), & Sabrina Volpone (Left 3) accept the International HRM Scholarly Research Award sponsored by Center for International HR Studies Pennsylvania State University School of Labor and Employment Relations from the sponsor representative Dr. Elaine Farndale (Right).
HR-5 HR-6
Drs. Ryan Hammond (Left 1), Aaron Hill (Left 2), and Felice Klein (Left 3) accept the Best Convention Paper Award sponsored by Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies at Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations from the sponsor representative Dr. Brad Bell (Right). Hyesook Chung (Left) accepts the Best Student Convention Paper Award sponsored by the University of Iowa, Tippie College of Business from the sponsor representative Dr. Amy Colbert (Right).
HR-7 HR-8
Shoshana Schwartz, Xing Liu, Nitya Chawla, and Yu, Yu (From Left to Right) accept their SHRM Foundation Dissertation Grant Awards from SHRM Chief Knowledge Officer Alex Alonso (Right) Dr. Kyoung Yong Kim (Right) accepts the Emerging Scholar in Employee Participation and Ownership Award from Dr. YeongJoon Yoon (Left)
HR-9 HR-10
Dr. Jenna Pieper (Left) accepts the David P. Lepak Service Award from Dr. Chris Rosen (Right). Dr. Federica De Stefano (Left) accepts the Ralph Alexander Best Dissertation Award sponsored by Human Resource Management Journal from Martin Wells (Right).
Dr. Samantha Conroy (Left) accepting the Innovative Teaching Award sponsored by Pennsylvania State University, Great Valley School of Graduate Professional Studies from the sponsor representative Dr. Denise Potosky (Right).  


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The International Management Division recognizes excellence in scholarship, teaching, and service by conferring various awards on well-deserving members of the Division.
PWC Strategy& Eminent Scholar Award recognizes lifetime achievement in international management scholarship.
Award Winner
John Cantwell
Rutgers University
D’Amore-McKim School of Business, Northeastern University Award for the best dissertation in international management.
Award Winner
Caroline Witte
Copenhagen Business School
FIU Emerging Scholar Award recognizes the contribution to international management scholarship by a junior scholar.
Award Winner
Stephanie Wang
Indiana University
Amorepacific Outstanding Educator Award recognizes continuous excellence and innovation in international management education at all levels and in a global context.
Award Winner
Julian Birkinshaw
London Business School
Outstanding Service to the Global Community Award recognizes continuous excellence in serving the international community.
Award Winner
Timothy Devinney
University of Manchester/University of Leeds


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This year, the Management Education and Development division (MED) granted seven awards to the best submissions received for the conference in Boston. Four paper awards, two symposium and one PDW award recognize the hard work of the thought leaders in our field of management education.
Awards were selected through two rounds of review, first by the program reviewers and then by the MED Research Awards Review committee.
We are delighted to share the names and to provide photos (from 6 of the 7 winners) of the winners with the AOM community.

Should you require any more information please contact me and I will work with you to supply what you need.  

Kind regards,
Mairead Brady
Secretary to MED
MED Best Paper in Management Education Award
Sponsored by Management & Organizational Behavior Teaching Society (MOBTS) and the Journal of Management Education.
“Exploring Unknowingness in Management Education: A DBA Example”
Amanda Hay
Nottingham Trent University
MED Junior Faculty Best Paper Award
Sponsored by SAGE Publishing and Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies
“With Coaching, I Get Back Up: Psychological Capital as a Cognitive-Emotional Enabler of Creativity”
Robin Mengxi Yang
School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University
Hilary Schloemer
Arkansas State University
Yucheng Zhang
Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
MED Global Forum Best Paper Award
Sponsored by Maynooth University
“That’s Interesting! Or Is It? On the Incommensurability of Academic and Practitioner Interests”
Ted A. Paterson
Oregon State University
Peter Harms
University of Alabama
MED Best Symposium in Management Education and Development Award
Sponsored by McGraw-Hill/Irwin
"Desired Outcomes in Coaching: Coaching for "Sticky" Intentional Change"
Organizers and presenters:    
Melvin L. Smith, Case Western Reserve University; Ellen B. Van Oosten, Case Western Reserve University; Richard E. Boyatzis, Case Western Reserve University; Scott Taylor, Babson College; Angela Passarelli, College of Charleston; Sarah Moore, College of Charleston; Anthony Grant, University of Sydney.
MED Global Forum Best Symposium Award
“Fit or Friction: The Role of Sustainability Centres in Integrating Sustainable Business Education”
Organizers and Presenters: Rieneke Slager, University of Groningen; Sareh Pouryousefi, University of Nottingham; Ethan Schoolman; Jeremy Moon, Copenhagen Business School; Mette Morsing, Stockholm School of Economics and Copenhagen Business School; Andrew J. Hoffman, University of Michigan; Vasanthi Srinivasan, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.
MED Best Professional Development Workshop
Sponsored by ASFOR: Associazione Italiana Per La Formazione Manageriale
"Sketchnoting: A Visual Methodology Fostering Critical Thinking and Knowledge Retention"
Organizers and Presenters: Jon W. Beard, Iowa State University;Verena Paecpke-Hjeltness, Iowa State University.
MED Best Paper in Graduate Management Education (no photo available)
Sponsored by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC)
"Jujutsu Persuasion: Coopting With Values"
Robert D Costigan,St. John Fisher College; Kyle Edward Brink, Western Michigan University.


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MOC Distinguished Scholar Award
This award, established in 2002, recognizes senior scholars who have made exceptional contributions to our discipline throughout their careers.
Neal M. Ashkanasy
OAM, Professor of Management, University of Queensland
From left to right: Neal Ashkanasy, the 2019 MOC Distinguished Scholar, Brianna Caza, Past Division Chair, and Peter Jordan (who introduced Neal and presented the award).    
MOC Division Best Paper Award
This award recognizes a theoretical, conceptual or empirical paper selected for presentation at the Academy of Management annual meeting that offers the most significant contribution to our understanding individual, relational, or collective cognition in organizational contexts. This award was sponsored by Durham University Business School.
"Linguistic Relativity, Collective Cognition, and Team Performance”
Pedro Aceves
Bocconi University
From left to right: Pete Aceves and Christos Tsinopoulos (who presented the award on behalf of Durham University Business School); I am photobombing in the back.    
MOC Division Best Student-Led Paper Award
This award recognizes a theoretical, conceptual or empirical paper selected for presentation at the Academy of Management annual meeting in which a student is the first author and has taken the lead role in conducting research that contributes to our understanding of cognition in organizational contexts. This award was sponsored by Durham University Business School.
“Knowledge Translation Strategies Across the Academic-practitioner Boundary: A Balancing Act”
Isabelle Yi Ren
Boston College
From left to right: Isabelle Yi Ren and Christos Tsinopoulos (who presented the award on behalf of Durham University Business School); I am again photobombing in the back.    
MOC Division Best Symposium Award
This award recognizes a creative and engaging symposium selected for presentation at the Academy of Management annual meeting that stimulates, integrates, and extends discussions about individual, relational, or collective cognition in organizational contexts.
“More than a Feeling? Understudied Emotions in Organizational Scholarship”
Organizers: Nitya Chawla and Allison S. Gabriel, University of Arizona  
Authors who presented at the symposim
From left to right: Brianna Caza, Nitya Chawla, and Allison S. Gabriel    
MOC Division Best Submission with Practical Implications for Organizations
This award recognizes a paper or a symposium selected for presentation at the Academy of Management meeting which offers the best practical implications for organizations via a better understanding of individual, relational, or collective cognition in organizational contexts. This award was sponsored by Behavioral Science and Policy Association.
“Aggression in Service Interactions: New Developments in Customer Mistreatment”
Organizers: Rajiv K. Amarnani, University of Western Australia; Ruodan Shao, York University  
From left to right: Ruodan Shao, Brianna Caza, and Rajiv K. Amarnani. I am photobombing in the back again.    
MOC Outstanding Reviewer Awards
This award recognizes 20 scholars who have done outstanding constructive reviews for the MOC division at the Academy of Management annual meeting.
Ahn Shinhye Gloria; Bayer Mark; Bednar  Jeffrey; Cummiskey Brendon Michael; Fenters Virgil; Gerard Joseph Gregory; Gregoire Denis A.; Henike  Tassilo; Hood Elizabeth; Horton Kate; Johnson Hana; Jones Elise Bair; Levi Ariel; Lucas Gerardus JM; Micheli Maria Rita; Orlandi Ilaria; Orton James Douglas; Pitsis Tyrone; Rees Laura L.; and Walker Benjamin Webster.

For more information, please visit us at



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Each year, the Management, Spirituality, and Religion Interest group honors the contributions of its members. This year, several members were recognized for outstanding service, reviewing, workshop development and research.

MSR recognizes that the strength of its group comes from the work of its members and we were honored to recognize the following individuals and groups.

Further information regarding MSR can be found on our website.

Outstanding Service to MSR Award (3 recipients)
Mary Finney
Ohio University
Richard Major
Exemplarity Management Solutions
Sunny Jeong
Wittenberg University
MSR Best Paper Awards (6 recipients)
"The Effect of Leader-Follower Congruence in Mindfulness on Relationship Quality"
Armin Pircher Verdorfer
Technische University München
"A Roadmap for State Mindfulness Research"
Samantha Su-Hsien Sim
NOVA School of Business and Economics
Andrew Hafenbrack
University of Washington
"The Influence of Confucianism and Buddhism on Family Business in Taiwan and Vietnam"
Irene Chu
Bradford School of Management
"Meaning in Work and Meaning at Work: Empirically Based Clarity of the Constructs"
Anirban Kar
Simon Fraser University
A R. Elangovan
University of Victoria
"A Spiritual Aspect to Executive Coaching"
Stuart A. Allen
Robert Morris University
Louis W. Fry
Texas A&M University, Central Texas
"Developing Leaders to Serve, Developing Servants to Lead"
Nicole Alonso
University of Houston
Jennifer Bragger
Montclair State University
Kayla D'Ambrosio
Ernst & Young
John Morgan
Valerie I. Sessa
Nicole Alonso
Montclair State University
MSR Best Symposium Proposals
"Management, Spirituality and Religion in Conversation with the Self and Virtue"
Nicholas Burton
Northumbria University
Irene Chu
Bradford School of Management
Mai Chi Vu
Newcastle Business School
Santiago Mejia
Fordham University
Joshua Skorburg
Duke University
Daryl Koehn
DePaul University
Miguel Angel Alzola
Fordham University
"Managing by the Bhagavad Gita for Organizations to Become Inclusive "
Satinder Dhiman
Woodbury University
A.D. Amar
Seton Hall University
Jon Radwan
Seton Hall University
Dennis P. Heaton
Maharishi University of Management
Charles Chow
East-West Group, Singapore
Paul Palmarozza
If I Can...Community Interest Company
Dissertation Proposal Awards (3 awards, in order of placement)
"Ethical Leadership Development: An Examination of the Effects of Spiritual Practices and Intercultural Sensitivity"
Sang-won Byun
Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development, University of Minnesota
"Religion and Emotional Labor: Are Religious Employees Liabilities or Assets?"
Daehyeon Kim
Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis
"Indigenous Knowledge and Sustainable Development: A Place-Based Perspective"
Haitao Yu
Ivey Business School, Western University
Journal of Management, Spirituality, and Religion (JMSR) Best Paper Awards
Best Paper (Sponsored by St. Mary's, Halifax)
"The Role of Spiritual Leadership in Reducing Healthcare Worker Burnout"
Yang, M.
Texas A&M University – Central Texas
Fry, L. W.
Texas A&M University – Central Texas
Most  Innovative Paper
"The Salience of Silence: The Silence of Salience"
Waistell, J.
Oxford Brookes University
Outstanding Reviewer Awards
  • Allen, Stuart, Robert Morris University
  • Askun Celik, Duysal, Fordham University
  • Bayle-Cordier, Julie F., IESEG School of Management
  • Burton, Nicholas, Northumbria University
  • Case, Susan S., Case Western Reserve University
  • Castillo, Elizabeth A., Arizona State University
  • Chavez, Edward, Case Western Reserve University
  • Crossman, Joanna, ICMS, Sydney
  • Culham, Tom Elwood, City University in Canada
  • Davis, John Norman
  • Egel, Eleftheria, University of the People
  • Fry, Louis W., Texas A&M University – Central Texas
  • Gerlick, Joshua Adam, Case Western Reserve University
  • Kumar, Payal, BML Munjal University
  • McGhee, Peter, University of Technology
  • Modh, Satish
  • Pandey, Ashish, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
  • Peregoy, Richard, University of Dallas
  • Resendez, Elva, Texas A&M University – Commerce
  • Tackney, Charles, Copenhagen University
  • Teehankee, Benito, De La Salle University
  • Vaezi, Reza, Kenneensaw State University
  • Wernsing, Tara S., IE University
AOM / MSR Facebook link: AOM MSR Management Spirituality and Religion Interest Group
MSR Outstanding Service Award: Sunny Jeong, Wittenberg University.
MSR Outstanding Service Award: Richard Major, Exemplarity Management Solutions.  
Outstanding MSR Symposium: “Management, Spirituality and Religion in Conversation with the Self and Virtue,” Nicholas Burton, Northumbria U., Irene Chu, Bradford School of Management, Mai Chi Vu, Newcastle Business School, Northumbria U., Santiago Mejia, Fordham U., Joshua Skorburg, Duke U., Daryl Koehn, DePaul U., Miguel Angel Alzola, Fordham U.  


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Outstanding Publication in OB Award - Sponsored by the Journal of Managerial Psychology
This award recognizes the publication that represents the most significant contribution to the advancement of the field of organizational behavior.
"The artisan and his audience: Identification with work and price setting in a handicraft cluster in Southern India" Administrative Science Quarterly, 63: 637-667
Aruna Ranganathan
Stanford University
Outstanding Practitioner-Oriented Publication in OB Award - Sponsored by Google’s People Innovation Lab
This award recognizes the publication that provides the most significant contribution to the practice of management in the field of Organizational Behavior.
"Talent Management and the dual-career couple" Harvard Business Review, May-June: 106-113.
Jennifer Petriglieri
Best Paper Award - Sponsored by SAGE Publications on behalf of Group & Organization Management
This award recognizes the empirical and/or conceptual paper submitted to the Academy of Management meeting that offers the most significant contribution to the field of OB.
"Navigating an identity playground: An exploration of work identity and routines in a virtual world"
Taryn Stanko
California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo
Patricia Dahm
California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo
Brooke Lahneman
Simon Fraser University
Jonathon Richter
Salish Kootenai College
Best Paper with International Implications Award
The best international paper award recognizes the paper whose theme and content best reflects an awareness of business and management outside domestic boundaries.
“More than meets the eye: The critical role of migrant status for social identity effects”
David Dwertmann
Rutgers University
Florian Kunze
University of Konstanz
Cummings Scholarly Achievement Award - Sponsored by the OB Division
This award, created in honor of the late Professor Larry Cummings, recognizes the scholarly achievement of an early- to mid-career scholar.
Scott DeRue
University of Michigan
Mentorship Award - Sponsored by the Antwerp School of Management
The OB Division Mentorship Award recognizes a scholar who has helped others progress in achieving their career objectives.
Katherine Phillips
Columbia University
Lifetime Achievement Award - Sponsored by the Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior
The OB Division Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes a senior scholar who has made exceptional contributions to the field of Organizational Behavior throughout his or her career.
Max Bazerman
Harvard University


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Best Published Paper Award
Awarded for a publication in a peer-reviewed journal by a current member of the OCIS division. The paper must have been published in the previous calendar year.
"Dismantling Knowledge Boundaries at NASA: The Critical Role of Professional Identity in Open Innovation"  Administrative Science Quarterly
Hila Lifshitz-Assaf
New York University
Best Conference Paper Award
Awarded for a paper that has been accepted to the OCIS program in the annual meeting.
"Front-Line Professionals in the Wake of Digital Scrutiny: The Paradox of Public Accountability"
Arvind Karunakaran
McGill University
Best Student Paper Award
Awarded for a paper that has been accepted to the OCIS program in the annual meeting and is co-authored by a doctoral student.
"Front-Line Professionals in the Wake of Digital Scrutiny: The Paradox of Public AccountabilitY"
Arvind Karunakaran
McGill University
Dexter Award Nominee
Awarded for a paper that has been accepted to the OCIS program in the annual meeting and meets the criteria set forth for entire Academy of Management.
"Coordinating Openness to Diversity and Contesting Contributions in Online Communities"
Aljona Zorina
Leeds University
 Joana Pereira
Leeds University
DeSanctis Award and Newman Award Nominee
Awarded for a paper that has been accepted to the OCIS program in the annual meeting and meets the criteria set forth for entire Academy of Management.
"Front-Line Professionals in the Wake of Digital Scrutiny: The Paradox of Public Accountability"
Arvind Karunakaran
McGill University
Best Reviewer Award
Awarded to reviewers in the OCIS division who have provided developmental reviews of exceptional quality.
Tawfiq Alashoor
Georgia State University
 Silvia Masiero
Loughborough University
Best Associate Editor Award
Awarded to associate editors in the OCIS division who have provided developmental AE reports of exceptional quality.
Maha Shaikh
King's College London
 Thomas Mattson
University of Richmond
Lifetime Service Award
Awarded to OCIS members who have developed a record of distinguished service to the OCIS community through a range of leadership or service roles over a sustained period of time.
Noshir Contractor
Jane S. & William J. White Professor of Behavioral Sciences in the McCormick School of Engineering & Applied Science, the School of Communication and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, USA; Director of the Science of Networks in Communities (SONIC) Research Group at Northwestern University, USA


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Best Student Paper
Best Entrepreneurship Paper
Louis R. Pondy Best Paper Based on Dissertation
Eva-Maria Kirchberger
Imperial College Business School
Vera Rocha
Copenhagen Business School
Arvind Karunakaran
McGill University
Best Paper Published in 2018
Distinguished Educator
Paul M. Leonardi
University of California, Santa Barbara
Andrew Van de Ven
University of Minnesota
Best International Paper
Best Symposium
Isabel Brüggemann
University of Cambridge
Ronald S. Burt
University of Chicago
Jochem Kroezen
University of Cambridge  
Martin J. Kilduff
University College London
Best Paper
Colleen Stuart
Johns Hopkins University
Roman V. Galperin
Johns Hopkins University
Outgoing OMT Chair
Marc-David L. Seidel
University of British Columbia
Best Paper on Environmental & Social Practices
Outgoing Members
Sunasir Dutta
University of Minnesota
Sun Hyun Park
Seoul National University
Daniel Armanios
University of Minnesota
Jo-Ellen Posner
Santa Clara University
Jaison Desai
U.S. Army
Tal Simons
Tilburg University
Research Committee Service Award
Bermiss, Gaba, Kpppman, Merluzzi, Tchalian
ABCD Reviewer


+View Award Winners- Read Less

The Organizations and the Natural Environment (ONE) division is proud to announce this year’s awards!

These awards are based upon a variety of categories that cover from teaching to management students to practitioner impact. More specifically the areas are: ONE Best Book Award, ONE Best Paper Award, ONE NBS Research Impact on Practice Award, ONE Teaching Award, ONE Best Dissertation Award, ONE Emerging Scholar Award, ONE Distinguished Scholar Award, and ONE Outstanding Service Award. For each category, an specific committee was created so that a panel of experts have carefully evaluated a number of aspects, such as degree of novelty, impact, relevance to management scholars, practitioners and other stakeholders, etc.

Based on these criteria and thanks to an overwhelming amount of high-profile candidatures, we are proud to highlight the quality of the ONE winners.

ONE Best Book Award
Award Committee: Johanna Mair and Christian Seelos (Co-chairs), Günter Stahl, Mette Morsing, Jonatan Pinkse.
"The Green Bundle: Pairing the Market with the Planet"
Magali Delmas
David Colgan
ONE-1picture: winners in the center and right side
ONE Best Paper Award    
Award Committee: Jeff York (Chair), ONE Program Team
"When Incumbents Change Their Mind: Framing Strategic Reorientation in Emerging Fields"
Christina Bidmon
René Bohnsack
Catolica Lisbon School of Business and Economics
picture: winners in middle
ONE and Network for Business Sustainability Research Impact Practice Award
Award Committee: Maya Fischoff (Chair), Stephanie Berger, Tom Lawrence, Joern Hoppmann
"Shaping and Being Shaped: How Organizational Structure and Managerial Discretion Co-evolve in New Managerial Roles" Administrative Science Quarterly, in press 

Sukhbir Sandhu
Carol Kulik
University of South Australia Business School

picture: winners at both sides
ONE Teaching Award
Award Committee: Claire Simmers (Chair), Robert Sroufe, Peter Gallo, Sara Soderstrom  
Ivan Montiel
Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College

picture: winner on the left

ONE Best Dissertation Award
Award Committee: Jake Grandy (Chair), Shon Hiatt, Chad Carlos, Brooke Lahneman
"Understanding the Strategic Engagement of Partner Organizations in Large Cross-Sector Social Partnerships Implementing Community Sustainability Plans"
Eduardo Ordonez-Ponce
Athabasca University
Honorable Mention    
"The Allies of Others: How Stakeholders' Relationships Shape Non-Market Strategy"
Kate Odziemkowska
Rice University
ONE Emerging Scholar Award
Award Committee: Desiree Pacheco (Chair), Jeffrey York, Pascual Berrone
Chad Carlos
Brigham Young University
picture: winner in middle
ONE Distinguished Scholar Award
Award Committee: Andrew J. Hoffmann (Chair), Jeff York, Stu Hart, Sanjay Sharma
Michael Russo
Lundquist College of Business, University of Oregon  
picture: winner in middle
ONE Outstanding Service Award
Jonatan Pinkse
University of Manchester
picture: winner on the left


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OSCM Distinguished Scholar award
Each year OSCM Division bestows a Distinguished Scholar Award to a leading global scholar in our community. This award is intended to serve a dual purpose. The first is to honor distinguished leaders in the field of operations and supply chain management scholarship. Second, the award helps define the unique position of the OSCM division at the Academy of Management within the larger field of OSCM scholars.
Lisa Ellram
Miami University
Chan Hahn Best Paper Award (OSCM Division Best Paper)
"Effect of Capacity and Flexibility Constraints on Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chains"
Arunachalam Narayanan
University of Houston
Alan Mackelprang
Georgia Southern University
 Manoj Malhotra
Case Western Reserve University
Best Student Paper (OSCM Division best student paper award; student as the leading author)  
"The Impact of Behavioral and Economic Drivers on Gig Economy Workers"
Park Sinchaisri
University of Pennsylvania
 Gad Allon
Northwestern University
 Maxime Cohen
New York University
ISM Best Supply Chain Management Paper (Award given to the best supply chain management paper presented as part of the OSCM conference program)
"Supply Chain Network Structure and Environmental Information Disclosure"
Marcus A. Bellamy
Boston University
Suvrat Dhanorkar
Ravi Subramanian
Georgia Institute of Technology
Best Reviewer Award
Katie S. Wowak
University of Notre Dame
 Jas Kalra
University of Bath
Virpi Turkulainen
University College Dublin
Junhao Yu
University of Minnesota


+View Award Winners- Read Less
Best Journal Article - sponsored by PNP
“More Than Public Service:  A Field Experiment on Job Advertisements and Diversity in the PoliceJournal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 2018. Volume 28, Issue 1, pages 67-85
Elizabeth Linos    
Award Committee:
  • Alicia Schatteman (Chair), Northern Illinois University
  • Will Brown, Texas A&M
  • Alex Henderson, Marist College
  • Stephen Kleinschmit, University of Illinois - Chicago
  • Wenjue Knutsen, Queens University (Ontario)
  • Jaclyn Piatak, UNC Charlotte
  • Tammy Waymire, Middle Tennessee State University
Best Book - sponsored by Deloitte
"Social Innovation: Comparative Perspectives" 2018  Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group
Helmut Anheier  Gorgi Krlev  Georg Mildenberger
Award Committee:
  • Robert Yawson (Chair), Quinnipiac University
  • Fiona Buick, University of New South Wales
  • Jennifer A. Jones, University of Florida
  • Sanjay Pandey, George Washington University
  • Alex Henderson, LIU
Best Dissertation - sponsored by ASU
"Understanding the Organizational Factors that Impact Police-Community Relations"
Andrea Headley
Award Committee:
  • Justin Stritch (Chair), Arizona State University
  • Erin Borry, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Stephan Grimmelikhuijsen, Utrecht University
  • Rebecca Nesbit, University of Georgia
  • Eunju Rho, Northern Illinois University
Charles H. Levine Best Conference Paper- sponsored by PNP>
"Keeping the Dream Alive: The role of expectancy in pay-for-performance systems"
Sandro Cabral  Sergio Firpo  Marcelo Marchesini Da Costa
Joana Monteiro Leonardo Viotti  
Carlo Masini Award for Innovative Scholarship- sponsored by Bocconi University
"Emotional Responses to Bureaucratic Red Tape"
Fabian Hattke   David Hensel  Janne Kalucza
Keith Provan Award for significant contributions to public management scholarship
Barbara Crosby John Bryson  
Award Committee: Rob Christensen and Kim Isett (5 year term, 4 years completed)
Best Doctoral Student Research Conference Paper - sponsored by PNP
"The Nonprofit Starvation Cycle: Impact of Underfed Overhead on Program Outcomes"
Hala Altamimi  Qiaozhen Liu  
Carolyn B. Dexter Award Nominee
"Emotional Responses to Bureaucratic Red Tape"
Fabian Hattke  David Hensel Janne Kalucza
Best Reviewer Awards - sponsored by JPART
  • Alex Henderson, Marist College
  • Alison Doherty, Western University
  • Taha Hameduddin, Indiana University Bloomington
  • Yousueng Han, University of Southern California
  • Jihuan Lu, Rutgers University
  • Stephanie Antonia Maas, Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Pauric O'Rourke, Limerick Institute of Technology
  • Tina Saksida, University of Prince Edward Island
  • Anders Ryom Villadsen, Aarhus Univesity
  • Ruodan Zhang, Indiana Univesity Bloomington
Best Paper Proceedings - sponsored by JPART
  • Sandro Cabral, Sergio Firpo, Marcelo Marchesini Da Costa, Joana Monteiro, and Leonardo Viotti, “Keeping the dream alive: The role of expectancy in pay-for-performance programs”  
  • Fabian Hattke, David Hensel, Janne Kalucza, “Emotional Responses to Bureaucratic Red Tape”
  • Nick A. Mmbaga, Jiaju Yan, and David Gras, “Focused or Multiple Organizational Identities: Who Performance in Complex Environments?”
  • Hala Altamimi and Qiaozhen Liu, “The Nonprofit Starvation Cycle: Impact of Underfed Overhead on Program Outcomes”
  • Jose Manuel Alonso and Rhys Andrews, “The politics of contracting out: evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design”
  • Binhua Eva Huang, Shruti Sardeshmukh, John Benson, and Ying Zhu, “The role of creativity and high performance work systems in public section performance”
  • Eric C. Martin and Isabella M. Nolte, “Transboundary Crises and Change: The European Refugee Response”
  • Ruth Bernstein and Christopher A. Fredette, “The impact of Leadership Diversity among Nonprofit Organizations”
Outgoing Division Chair Recognition
Deneen M. Hatmaker    


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Sage Publications/RMD Distinguished Career Award
Awarded to distinguished scholars who have made significant contributions to the advancement of research methodology.
Karen Locke
College of William and Mary
Karen Locke, Michael Cole
Sage Publications/RMD/CARMA/Lawrence R. James Early Career Award
Awarded to scholars who have made distinguished contributions to research methods, practice, and education during their early career stage. Nominees for the 2019 award must have received their Ph.D. no earlier than 2012.
Allison S. Gabriel
University of Arizona
Allison Gabriel, Michael Cole
Sage Publications/Robert McDonald Advancement of Organizational Research Methodology Award
Awarded to an organization-related article or book chapter published between January 2013 and December 2017 that has made a significant contribution to research methodology.
"Multilevel Structural Equation Models for Assessing Moderation Within and Across Levels of Analysis"
Kristopher J. Preacher
Vanderbilt University
Zhen Zhang
Arizona State University
 Michael J. Zyphur
University of Melbourne
Zhen Zhang, Michael Cole
A list of award winners of all RM division awards can be found here.


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A full list of the 2019 SAP Interest Group award winners can be found here.


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2019 Sumner Marcus Award
The Sumner Marcus Award is given in recognition of and appreciation for outstanding contributions of service and scholarship to the field.
Oliver Williams
University of Notre Dame
2019 Ann Buchholtz Mentor Award
The Ann Buchholtz Mentor Award is given in recognition of excellence in mentoring.
Jeanne Logsdon
University of New Mexico
SIM Leadership Award
The SIM Leadership Award is given to the outgoing Division Chair in recognition of leadership and service.
David Wasieleski
Duquesne University
2019 Best Business Ethics Paper Award
The SIM Best Business Ethics Paper Award was created in June 2017 by Ed Freeman and Michelle Greenwood, Editors-in-Chief of the Journal of Business Ethics. The SIM Division membership is fully appreciative of the Journal’s generous sponsorship of this new award, which acknowledges the prominence of business ethics research in the Social Issues in Management domain.
"Common Paradigm: Embedding Common Good and Collective Action, Insights from Ethical and Economic Foundations"
Laura Albareda
Lappeenranta University of Technology
Alejo Jose Sison
University of Navarra
Best Paper Award
Honoring the best paper submitted to the division, the paper receiving this award is recognized for its relevance to SIM, contribution to the field, methodological or theoretical rigor, and presentations.
"Integrating normative, descriptive, and instrumental approaches to corporate social responsibility: The critical role of attributions"
Elise Perrault
College of Charleston
Kelly Shaver
College of Charleston
SIM Best Student Paper Award
Based on the same criteria as the Best Paper Award, the Best Student Paper Award recognizes students who present exemplary work at the AOM meeting.
"Why Do Corporations Engage in Activism in LGBT Issues?"
Josiah Drewry
George Washington University
 Cory Maks Solomon
George Washington University
SIM Best Dissertation Award
The Best Dissertation Award recognizes an exemplary thesis relevant to the SIM division content areas. Criteria include its relevance to the domain, the significance of its contribution, the adequacy of its literature review, conceptual development, methodological appropriateness, and presentation style.
"Global Supply Chain Dynamics in the Mobile Handset Industry"
Yong Hyun Kim
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Dissertation Chair: Gerald Davis, University of Michigan
2019 SIM Best Book Award
The SIM Best Book Award honors the book rated to have the highest relevance to SIM, greatest contribution to the field, and strongest empirical or theoretical rigor. Potential topics covered by nominated books include, but are not limited to corporate social responsibility/performance, business ethics, stakeholder theory, corporate governance, issues management, sustainability/environment, reputation, and compliance.
"Re‐engaging with Sustainability in the Anthropocene Era: An Institutional Approach"Cambridge University Press, 2018
Andrew Hoffman
University of Michigan
P. Devereaux Jennings
University of Alberta


+View Award Winners- Read Less
The William D. Guth Distinguished Service Award recognizes an STR member with at least 15 years of service to the field, who has made significant contributions to activities within the STR Division, the Academy of Management, and/or to the broader field of strategic management. Award criteria included editorial contributions at journals or of edited volumes of strategy research, significant contributions to the Academy of Management, conference organizing, administrative roles, or textbook authorship. The Award is bestowed upon a winner every other (i.e. odd numbered) year.
Edward J. Zajac
Northwestern University
Link tno the picture of the award ceremony
The STR Emerging Scholar Award recognizes a promising scholar who has established a research record of exceptional quality early in his/her career, has a notable publication record, and has already demonstrated an impact on the field of strategic management. Candidates are judged by the relevance, academic contribution, theoretical and methodological rigor, and practical implications of their work. The Award is bestowed upon a winner every other (i.e. odd numbered) year.
Seth Carnahan
Washington University, St. Louis
Link to the picture of the Award ceremony
The Bill Glueck Best Paper Award is provided for the submission judged to be the best paper submitted to the refereed scholarly program and is supported by friends and former students of Bill Glueck, the 35th president of the Academy of Management.
Ron Tidhar
Stanford University
Kathleen Eisenhardt
Stanford University
Link to the picture of the award ceremony
The Irwin Outstanding Educator Award recognizes an established strategy scholar who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to Ph.D. and doctoral education, and ongoing development of junior colleagues. The award recipient’s contributions include dedication to PhD student development and curricula, involvement in dissertation committees, participation in doctoral consortia and workshops, and mentorship of junior faculty.
David C. Mowery
University of California,
Link to the picture of the scholar
Link to the picture of the award ceremony
The Sumantra Ghoshal Research and Practice Award is awarded for the submission to the refereed scholarly program that is judged to be the best paper that advances research while deriving important implications for practice. The award honors the contributions to both research and practice made by Sumantra Ghoshal., Litschett student, Best Dissertation.
Richard Saoum
Michigan State University
Jason Sandvik
University of Utah
Nathan Seegert
University of Utah
Christopher Stanton
Harvard University
Link to picture of the award ceremony  
The Robert J. Litschert Award for the best paper by a doctoral student was instituted in memory of Professor Litschert by his students & colleagues at Virginia Tech.
Professor Litschert was one of the early Academy members and was active in teaching and research in strategy and organization theory. He was very much loved by his legion of students, many of whom have made significant contributions to the field. It is particularly appropriate that the award is given to a promising doctoral student since Professor Litschert considered the mentoring of students his most important responsibility.
Haram Seo
University of Minnesota
Link to the picture of the award ceremony  
Wiley Best Dissertation Award
"Rediscovering the Link between Formal and Informal Structure: A Micro-Analytic Approach"
Julien Clément
Stanford University, (PhD INSEAD)
Advisors: Phanish Puranam & Andrew Shipilov  
Link to picture of the award ceremony  

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