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 TLC 2020 Virtual

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The 2020 physical meeting of the Academy of Management scheduled for 7-11 August 2020 in Vancouver has been cancelled due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

A 2020 virtual Annual Meeting is in development.

Please click here for updates from AOM President Jacqueline Coyle-Shapiro.

Academy of Management Teaching and Learning Conference

TLC Conference Committee:

Name Affiliation Role
Stefan Krummaker Queen Mary University of London Committee Cochair
Sarika Pruthi San Jose State University Committee Cochair
Belgin Okay-Somerville University of Glasgow Program Cochair
Lise Aaboen Norwegian University of Science and Technology Program Cochair
Karen MacMillan University of Western Ontario Communications Cochair
Vicki L. Taylor Shippensburg University Communications Cochair
Dante DiGregorio California State University, Monterey Bay Representative at Large
Sharon G. Williams Van Rooij      George Mason University      Representative at Large
Tawnya Means      University of Nebraska, Lincoln Representative at Large

What is TLC@AOM?

TLC@AOM is an Academy-wide conference organized in response to the growing teaching related-needs of AOM members around the globe. The goal of TLC is to support members across all divisions in the practice of teaching. The conference engages AOM members as teachers, increases the visibility of teaching both within and outside of the Academy, and positions the Academy as a global leader in management teaching in addition to its current leadership role in management education research.
TLC@AOM is offered as a 'Strategic Doing' initiative. 

How do I submit?
TLC's Call for Submissions is available mid-November and the Submission Center opens early December with the deadline for submissions in January.

For more information, or if you have questions, please email the TLC Committee at

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