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Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal for the 80th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. The submission deadline was 14 January 2020 at 5:00 PM ET (New York Time) and the   Submission Center  is now closed to new submissions! We still hope to benefit from your participation at this year's Annual Meeting, and we invite you to sign up as a reviewer. 

Reviewers Needed

Visit the  Reviewer Sign-Up System to create a user account or log in and choose your areas of expertise. Be sure to check out the  reviewer guidelines and  resources for additional information. The sign-up process takes less than 10 minutes, and allows you to select two Divisions or Interest Groups and review no more than three assignments per division. The sign-up period is happening now, and the review period runs from 22 January-20 February.  

To submit your proposal, you will need to  …

  1. Go to the Submission Center and use the "Sign In" button. Use the "Sign In" button even if you do not yet have an account or if you forgot your username and/or password.
  2. Enter the title, short title (for PDWs and symposia), and abstract of your submission using the following instructions:
  • Use Title Case for the submission title. Only the first letter of major title words should be in capital letters. Do NOT submit the title or abstract in all capital letters. Prepositions and conjunctions should not be capitalized for the title and the short title. Example: "Conceptual and Methodological Issues Associated with Cross-Cultural Research."
  • The short title (PDWs and symposia only) must not exceed 30 characters (including spaces) in length.
  • The abstract should not exceed 250 words. 
  • Enter or copy and paste the submission title and abstract into their respective fields as is. Do not use the "enter" or "return" keys.
  1. You may submit to up to three divisions or interest groups for symposium submissions. You will need to select three keywords for EACH division that will receive your submission.
  2. Enter your submission ID number as a header on the first page of your submission. After completing the data entry process, you will see a page that summarizes all the information you have entered. This page includes a 5-digit, AOM submission ID number. Please reference this number whenever you contact the program chairs or technical support.
  3. Upload your submission to the website. Your uploaded submission (for papers ONLY) should not include any author identifying information. Your submission must comply with the guidelines and formatting instructions, or your submission may not be checked in for review. Please make sure you have read all the scholarly and professional development workshop (PDW) guidelines and formatting instructions before uploading.
  4. Finalize your submission by acknowledging several statements on a checklist. If your submission is not finalized, it will NOT be reviewed. Please proofread your entry carefully since this is what will appear in the final program. If any information is entered incorrectly, it will be incorrectly listed in the program.

For further assistance please use the AOM Support Center. The support team will attempt to respond within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). Please recognize that the support team and submission system will be busy processing a high volume of requests just before the submission deadline. Please do not wait until the last minute to submit! If the support team response does not solve the problem or is not clear, you can call +1-914-326-1800, Monday-Friday from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm ET (NY time). The support team is not available December 22 – 31, inclusive, nor January 1.

Paper Submission Checklist
Symposium Submission Checklist
Professional Development Workshop (PDW) Submission Checklist
Caucus Submission Checklist
Teaching and Learning Conference Checklist (TLC@AOM)

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